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Default URL's show router admin page from inside internal network

Hey guys,

Things are working geat. Nice job. I'm still learning, tho.

I cannot figure this one out.

My setup:
Belkin Pre-n Wireless router
(wireless not good, I know, but it's just a test server)
(router supports loopback)

1 - PC w/Windows Vista (ip = 192.***.*.25)
2 - PC's w/ Windows XP (dynamic internal ip's)
1 - Linux w/ Ispconfig - FedoraCore4 Perfect Setup (ip = 192.***.*.26)

My problem:
I can see my websites, login to ispconfig, admin the server, etc., from outside my network. However, from the Vista PC, inside my internal network, the url's show my router's admin page.

I cannot bypass the router since it is in another part of the house.

I work in Dreamweaver and Photoshop on the PC, so i would like to check my work without having to go to the Linux box to see it.

I know I have seen this problem discussed before, but a search of the forums came up empty.

Any possibilities?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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