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Default another quota question...

I got the following mail:

The following users are near or already over their quota limit on server
================================================== =

Username: web19_tibi
Used Storage Space: 50.00 MB
Allocated Storage Space: 50.00 MB
My situation is the following: This user is the admin of a site which has 5GB allocated, when I created his user account I gave him 50 MB thinking if he needs more he can allocate it himself.
My question now is this: he is using the shell access (I guess using sftp) to transfer his huge website (lots of photos) to my server, but when he is copying files they will belong to the following owner: web19_tibi:web19 (which is normal) but does this mean I will always get warnings that he exceeded his quota? Do you have to set the quota of the administrator equal to the quota of the site itself?
How does quota work?
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