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Default create package

I want to create an up to date phpMyAdmin package and, if succesfull, also an up to date RoundCube package. On first glance it seems to be as easy as:
  1. download and unzip the current package (phpmyadmin-2.9.1.pkg)
  2. replace phpmyadmin.tar.gz with the most recent version (phpMyAdmin 2.10.1)
  3. create a new zip file with the name phpMyAdmin-2.10.1.pkg
On second glance however, the 2.9.1 package contains the file whereas phpMyAdmin02.10.1.tar.gz contains the file So my question is: can I just rename the sample file (I guess not) or do I have to modify it and if so, which settings are important? I'm not a phpMyAdmin guru and the config file is quite large, so any assistance is very welcome.

On third glance I found something odd in the package.ins file of the current phpMyAdmin-2.9.1.pkg. I see a number of references to user and group 'adm42go', which don't exist on my system. My guess is that this user and group should be 'admispconfig'. I haven't seen any complaints in the forum, but I can't help wondering how the package could ever install correctly. Some clarification is highly appreciated.
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