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Default Not working: Installing Beryl on Feisty Fawn w/ATI Radeon Card

I'm having a problem with this HowTo. I have the same video card specified by the author, and install of everything actually goes fine without an error. I can even start Beryl and get the little red gem in the top right of my screen. The problem is that it simply does not work. There are no 3D animations at all.

I right-click on the gem and goto "Select Windows Manager" and Metacity (Gnome Window Manager) is selected. I select Beryl, everything flickers for a second or two and then come back. I go back to "Select Windows Manager" and Metacity is still selected.

I've even tried the login where I choose Beryl at login. Beryl loads, and "Windows Manager" is even added to the load bar where it wasn't previously. Still, no 3D effects. I go to "Select Windows Manager" and still Metacity is selected. The same thing happens when I attempt to switch it Beryl again...

Any ideas? Thanks.
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