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Default Couple issues with ispconfig 2.2.12 after Fiesty upgrade

I upgraded my server from Ubuntu 6.10 to Fiesty (7.xx). I utilized the perfect install instructions for fiesty on this site, here are some of the issues I am having after installing everything and reconfiguring my sites:

1. I am currently running three sites. I noticed in my vhosts file that only the first site I added shows up. So, when trying to access the other two sites, all I get is the sharedip webpage.

2. php does not work on the first site i set up (can't test on the other two sites). When pulling up any page with php it promptly downloads the page. In the past I have had the php lines in the mods-enabled conf not commented out because ispconfig wouldn't turn them on unless they were not commented out. Currently on my conf files I have them commented out per instructions from this thread but I still can't get php to work. Looking at the ispconfig.conf I noticed no mention of php so I added that line per another thread.

so far, these are the only issues I am dealing with. When I first followed the perfect install instructions for Ubuntu 6.10 I didn't have any problems at all, except for the php issue. Just want to give a big thumbs up to the developers of this product, so far I have absolutely loved it and look forward to version 3.
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