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Originally Posted by till
I will try to implement your patch in the ISPConfig dev branch as php configuration option.
Hi Till, out of interest, what would the rough timescales of this be: 1week, 1month, 1year, ? ( *expecting* "when we're ready", but it doesn't hurt to ask )

I'm currently working on fastcgi packages ( php-binary & httpd_module ) for CentOS 4.4 (As I can't find any pre-build packages, you lucky debian people ! ), but I haven't yet figured how to config it properly, this could save me a whole load of hassle

Found Mod_fastcgi.rpm on this blokes website:
I've built a php-fcgi binary avilable here:

[root@www tmp]# /usr/bin/php-fcgi -v
PHP 4.3.9 (cgi-fcgi) (built: Apr 27 2007 11:41:10)
Copyright (c) 1997-2004 The PHP Group

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