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Hi there,

I think your request could also be realized as a plugin to ISPConfig.
I'm currently working on a backup plugin (actually just for myself) and the restore functionality and the integration into ISPConfig is just the point I'm working on at the moment.
Could you define your demand a little more detailed?

Originally Posted by PoleCat
1.) Restore DB function on the Tools menu
2.) Have a custom number of DB backups stored on the local server for use for restore.
Would it be enough if you could select a database and then choose from a list of the last 7 days/ backups which shall be restored?

Originally Posted by PoleCat
3.) Backup Scheduler
I am plannung to build a web interface for editing cronjobs. That would also include the backup-jobs. Do you think that backup scheduling should be separated?

Thanks for your support.

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