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Default 2 Questions (1 SSL Related and 1 dns forward related)


I've been using ISPConfig since 2.08 and it's been working great ever since

I have 2 questions tough, one is about setting up SSL.
Everything is working perfect. I'm creating a new domain: domain.tld
This domain is bound to an unused and freshly added ip. This ip will be used entirely for this domain since it's going to use SSL.
When I activate SSL from the webinterface and create the certificate, I see a certificate coming up in de web_userxx/ssl dir.
When i try to connect to https://www.domain.tld using lynx, i get the following errors:
SSL error:self signed certificate-Continue? (y)
i continue...
SSL error:host(www.domain.tld)!=cert(localhost.localdo main)-Continue? (y)
i continue...

Then I see the page located in /var/www/index.html

This isn't very right, right ?
It seems there's a problem with creating the Certficate or something, don't really know much about SSL except I have to set it up lol

Next issue, can i forward a domain so i have domain1.tld and domain2.tld acting as 1 domain, for example: www.domain2.tld should point to www.domain1.tld, blah.domain2.tld should also point to blah.domain1.tld...
Is this possible ? also with SSL activated ?

Thanks in advance !

PS: I'm using Fedora Core 4 and ISPConfig 2.1.1
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