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Default Perfect setups (all) - default webpage setup?

Hi Falko, with the Perfect Setups the default machine (i.e. the "ISP" itself) doesn't have a web setup (i.e. the non-virtualised part). What's the quickest way to set that up, I'd like to get Joomla installed as a default CMS there?

I'm also thinking (again ) about using LedgerSMB in that setup as accounting package, which requires a virtual presence set up, executing perl scripts that live in /usr/local/ledger-smb (the whole directory is set to be owned by the web server user). Any tips, or should this just work (after I let it grab its modules from CPAN and install PostgreSQL)?

Lastly, this box is for a friend of mine (i.e. a one-man band) so he'll would probably want to use it for office server as well until he has enough income to get a separate box for that (I don't like a file/print box live on the Net), I've seen a few setups use it with dual interface so Linux will act as a NAT firewall.

I haven't quite had time to work out NAT and firewalling on Ubuntu but I'm sure I'll find it eventually. I think Ubuntu server lacks a nice control panel (too much manual work ), maybe I'll install webmin on it to configure Samba, the firewall and a VPN facility. Eventually he'll have a clean, 'firewall/VPN only' box (which is how it should be) but he has to start somewhere..

Anyway, thanks for the Ubuntu Perfect Setup update :-)
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