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Originally Posted by leeeonardo open page Squirrelmail, and put a user name web1_Test1 (, and go in. But if I try with user another domain web2_Test2 (, I can see my mail, but the problem is when I send email dont go with the correct domain and the correcto mail should be
You must set the correct sender address in the Squirrelmail options, just as you do in any other email client.

Originally Posted by leeeonardo
Then I reinstall squirrel, but I put the install in them own folder Web /var/www/web1/web and make three installations of squirrelmail. One for each site, and I things than is not correct. Should be one installations for all sites in my server.
That is totally up to you how you install Squirrelmail. Both ways work, and none of them is wrong.
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