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Default Problem with ISPConfig and Squirrelmail

I have three sites in ISPConfig, and hay install Squirrelmail in the folder of ISPConfig /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/, I create folder call "mail", and work perfect, but there are a problem.


Domain Server name is open page Squirrelmail, and put a user name web1_Test1 (, and go in. But if I try with user another domain web2_Test2 (, I can see my mail, but the problem is when I send email dont go with the correct domain and the correcto mail should be

Then I reinstall squirrel, but I put the install in them own folder Web /var/www/web1/web and make three installations of squirrelmail. One for each site, and I things than is not correct. Should be one installations for all sites in my server.
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