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It turned out that after deleting an email account (with admins privileges) my website dissapeared and SuPHP gave me an internal server error (Uid of script "/var/www/web/index.php" is smaller than Min_uid.I guess that removing an email deleted a system user so that the directory web and everything inside couldn't be owned by the user that doesn't exist.That's an inconvenience to me but I can live with it.I've created an email account with the same username and got a mail account with no prefix.Great!
You did not delete an email account, you did delete the administrator account of the website. Thats a big difference! SuPHP can not work without a administrator account assigned to the site.

<> (expanded from <my email here>):
[]: Name or service not known"
Did you change the ostname in /etc/mailname too? What is the output of:

hostname -f

ISPConfig version on the appliance is 2.2.3 (I cant update it thru the web interface-it just loggs me out).
ISPConfig can never be updated trough the web interface, you must update it on the commandline.
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