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Default Support for a Third Name Server

Hi Folks,

Please don't take this as a criticism, just a feature request. ;-)

It would be very helpful to me to be able to have a third nameserver.

In my application, we slave two other high-volume name servers from our ISPconfig machine to keep the load low and make things more secure and reliable. We then point all the domains at the two slave servers...the ISPconfig name server is not even accessible to end-users. My partner calls this a 'hidden' name server.

What I have to do is edit the /root/ispconfig/isp/conf/pri.domain.master file by hand. Further, I'm told I have to add the third nameserver at the _top_ of the list of other words, I can't add the third nameserver in the 'manual edits' section.

The problem this creates is this: each time I upgrade ISPconfig, I have to manually edit the file again AND I have to make a change to each domain using the web interface and click 'save' to regenerate each zone file with the third NS. This is quite tedious.

I suspect there is a script I could run to regenerate all of the zone files at once, but...

Thanks for ISPconfig and thanks for listening.

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