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Originally Posted by koegies
Q1: Is there a way to give them FTP so that they will only see the web folder ?

like with IIS(windows) and webserver Linux where website is stored under /var/www/xxx and the user files under different location eg. /home/user.
Myself, I prefer all the user's data being kept under /home/user -- it's simpler to maintain, backup, allocate disk space for, etc. The FTP server's default directory when the user logs in is another issue, IMHO.

Originally Posted by koegies
Q2: Or do we have to train our users never to delete the other files , and teach them to always publish/upload/sync their website to the "web" directory .
Train then not to touch the "maildir,users, phptmp, log directories and the .xxx files"
Thinking of the way CPanel does this, it isn't that different. The users should be instructed not to delete things that they don't know what it is, that's a given. Giving them instructions to "publish" web pages by adding a subdir to their FTP URL is not really that unusual, IMHO. Granted, it isn't the most idiot-proof arrangement, but it's generally a one-time setup for the user's HTML editor.

Originally Posted by koegies
I need to make this as fail save for laymen and resellers when the want to upload and edit their websites.
This is always the key, isn't it. There are quite a few minor things in this area where ISPConfig could improve, and I've been happy with the dev team's attitude on this -- they must have to deal with users too. :-)
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