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Default Proftpd stops and general install question

First off, many thanks to Till, Falko and everyone else who made such a great program. I've installed ISPConfig on so many computers to replace MS servers and couldn't be happier. One installation question, I've used almost every Linux OS to install and am favoring SuSE for the small network install cd size and YaST's online updates. Which distro has the smallest hd footprint when completely installed w/ ISPConfig? Any comparable updaters on the other OS's, I know Debian is very slow with releasing the newer packages.
Second question: Proftpd stops responding/listening on a SuSE 10.0 system. I look at the ps tree and see proftpd accepting connections, but clients cannot connect. Try /etc/init.d/proftpd restart and still nothing. Only after rebooting the system does it come back up. I've looked in /var/log/ at warn and error but see nothing proftp related. Where are the logs and how should I start troubleshooting this one.
Thanks again guys.
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