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Default Newbie Questions on ISPConfig - Please Shed Some Light

i am quite confused on how to implement this. a friend of mine has one physical server. he had already registered two domain names for example, and He is planning to host more domains in the near future. He also needs to host mailboxes for all the different domains.

after some readings on ispconfig, i think it is quite a solution but to implement it, i am totally a noob. i only have experience in a simple web server setup - one domain and one ip address, that's it.

my questions:
1- will ispconfig satisfy the needs above?
2- my friend has only one static ip, can the above be implemented? any special requirements?
3- will this work behind a router / firewall so that the physical server can have an internal ip.
4- any other network requirements for ispconfig (ip's, dns or others?)

questions for dynamic ip
1- will this work in a testing environment - a server with internal ip (192.169.1.x) behind a router with dynamic ip address?

that is all that i can think now. i've tried to search the forum, has some answers but i insist to ask. sorry for the trouble caused.

any pointers to good links in this forum that has the same cases as mine are most welcomed.
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