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Originally Posted by johN5Five^
i also hving a same problem like u...
i make apache webserver and mysql cluster with load balancing..but i also facing the same problem..
i m using Ubuntu 5.10

after i add this to the interfaces ...and i ifup lo:0

vi /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo:0
iface lo:0 inet static
pre-up sysctl -p > /dev/null

The virtual ip still exist..but mysql cluster connection to mgm node lost...and connection to internet also lost...

b4 i ifup , everything works fine..mysql cluster node all fine..
and i think is something wrong with the interfaces file..

y the netmask is ????
what is the meaning of pre-up sysctl -p > /dev/null ???

plz help us ..
Can you post your /etc/network/interfaces file? Please wrap it in CODE tags so that I can see if leading spaces are correct in your file.
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