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Originally Posted by till
That is just a .zip file, you sould be able to unpack it with every zip program on linux and windows.
okay, now how about this. I have another server running ISPConfig, same version, same setup. The reason why I am asking is in case one of those 2 servers should die, I want to have all the data and websites running as soon as possible on the second server, that's why I had the question about the backup.

Do you have any idea how I can handle this the best? I don't want to setup all the ISPConfig Customers and Webs again on the second server and then upload every single website and database stuff, because that takes forever. So I thought there might be a possibility to create a backup of all the files on one server, save these to a archive and afterwards just unzip this archive and place it on the second server, but that probably doesn't work that way.
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