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Just in case that I go completely crazy due to struggling with SCALIX, HylaFAX etc (and combining all of them into one box) and I do never finish "how-to" (and for the eager ones), here is a link for installing SCALIX on Debian Etch... READ CAREFULLY POSTS! Especially related to creating of users on the system, IP address of your SCALIX server/box and about resolvconf:
update: to bypass scalix and to reach system user faxgw where is script for email-tofax gateway you have to use:
faxgw is user name in whose home folder is fax to gateway script
scalix is scalix host is of course your domain where scalix resided.

it took me a week to figure out that accidentally.

I'll write manual it will be more clear then.
Nenad Bulatovic
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