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Default reviewing

reviewing the phpinfo() function in a site appears this :

PDO Driver for PostgreSQL enabled
PostgreSQL(libpq) Version 8.1.5
Module version 1.0.2
Revision $Id: pdo_pgsql.c,v 2006/03/14 10:49:18 edink Exp $


PostgreSQL(libpq) Version 8.1.5
Multibyte character support enabled
SSL support enabled
Active Persistent Links 0
Active Links 0

Directive Local Value Master Value
pgsql.allow_persistent On On
pgsql.auto_reset_persistent Off Off
pgsql.ignore_notice Off Off
pgsql.log_notice Off Off
pgsql.max_links Unlimited Unlimited
pgsql.max_persistent Unlimited Unlimited

reason why I understand that the PHP has the active libreries from the postgresql, but i really don't know I can prove in the ispconfig..
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