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Default I need help with PostgreSql

hello again, i need help to solve a problem with the configuration of the PHP, PhpPgAdmin, PostgreSql and ISPConfig, i installed the PostgreSql-7.4 with the "apt-get install" only, and the PhpPgadmin with the
tutorial writen in this site or in the Howtos: Installing Software on ISPConfig ... but i appears the next error:

Its version of PHP does not have the correct support of data bases.

i really don't know how to solve it and i need help, i try to execute this application changing the configurarion file /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and adding the line in the "dinamic extension section"

like i read it in some site, but this didn't work either ... i can't understand this error and i can't do the right configuration and i need help to solve it...
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