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Default Virtual IP on two machines

Hi all

Iíve just completed the howto, and one thing hit me. If the two apache nodes answer to the reply on the new virtual address, whatís from stopping the network traffic to get to them directly? If I stop the ldirectord and ultra monkey on the load balancer the setup still works, I get an error the first time I load the virtual URL but the second time I get in contact with one server. Does this present some error to the setup that I havenít understood? Is the apache nodes supposed to sit on a private network behind the load balancers? Do I need two NICs in the load balancers?

I must also say that I havenít followed the howto exactly; I have done it with a twist you might say. The two apache nodes run FreeBSD and the NICs on those machines have there real address and an alias with the virtual address.
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