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Smile Perfect Setup for Fedora 6?

First off, I'm impressed by the superb quality of the 'Perfect' guide I've used (OpenSuSE 10.2). This is almost obsessively flawless :-)

Q: how different is Fedora 6 (32 - it's a Dual Core box) from 5 (64?) re. your 'Perfect' guide? I've built a 'perfect' box on OpenSuSE but it appears my feeble skills can't bridge the gap between what is needed to get LedgerSMB installed and the fact that their instructions, well, um, are at the other end of the scale from yours :-). Oh, and I'll have to add Samba to it for printing, but if I find how to make it act like a NAT firewall I can keep that interface away from the Net (not that it needs it, it's hooked up via a port restricted router anyway).

Given the way OpenSuSE is set up it seems easier just to rebuild the still empty box using Fedora instead - also keeps the Novell-Microsoft alliance from potentially causing problems :-). The only other alternative would be Ubuntu but that doesn't quite feel production ready yet (too much manual tinkering, but that's my personal opinion).

The box is empty at the moment so backups are not required, it uses ISPconfig simply because it's a quick way to set up test platforms (i.e. won't have more than about 2 'resellers' and 10 'clients').

So, in summary: Fedora 6 Perfect Setup delta with Fedora 5?

I'll try in a couple of hours anyway :-)
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