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Yes! I have already selected 1. HTTPS or 2. HTTP. If not, I can't continue to install the ISPConfig.
But I select 1., after installation, I can't access ISPConfig both of HTTPS:81 or HTTP:81. (because ISPConfig is set to HTTPS)
If I select 2, Yes. I can access it with HTTP:81

The main reason of this matter is I can't access the SSL even before the installation of ISPConfig. (Fedora 6 is OK, but ISPConfig must installation on HTTPS, if I select HTTP, I can't access it. Besides, I install Ubuntu on my AMD server, I can select HTTPS and access it.)
But after I login ISPConfig (HTTP:81), I can activate the SSL cert. for the first website. For the second website, it can share the SSL of the first website (share IP). It seems that SSL is also no problem.

So that the main point is why I can't access SSL before the installation of ISPConfig. But I am following the Perfect installation of Ubuntu 6.10 on this website and there is no error when I am installing the server.
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