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Default MySQL Cluster - Tables not synced


I'm very confused. I'm working to get my mysql database migrated to the mysql cluster built using the mysql cluster howto from this site.

The cluster did well on all of the testing in the howto, so I thought everything was okay.

I created my new database on each cluster member using the ndbengine setting and that seemed to go okay.

Then did a dump of my current database off the old server and changed the engine setting throughout.

I restored the dump to the cluster (with the right engine setting) and it seemed to go in just fine, but after a few minutes the tables didn't match.

Here is a example of the problem I'm seeing

Box1 ||| Box2
Key | Color | size ||| Key | Color | size
4 |Red |Large ||| 5 | Blue | Small
5 |Blue |Small |||3 |Purple | Large
2 |Green |Meduim|||1 |Pink | Small
1 |Pink |Small |||2 |Green | Medium
3 |Purple |Large |||4 |Red | Large

The data is there and the key matches the color matches the size, but they are completely out of order. On the export the database has them ordered by the primary key. On the cluster neither of them are ordered by the primary key.

I thought that maybe something just went haywire with the dump restore to the cluster, so I purged the databases from both of the cluster members, then re-restored to the first Mysql cluster member.

After giving it a min or two to sync I checked it again and got the same problem. The data is getting synced across the boxes....but it's jumbled when it gets to the other side.

I've dug around on the mysql site and I'm not having any luck resolving this. I used the process of converting myisam to ndbengine that mysql recommends (export it, find/replace the engine statement) and it loads okay without erroring out, but when the data gets to the system it gets screwy.

Can any offer any recommendations on what I can do to resolve this?


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