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It is not related to my browser or client side. (I have used 2 pcs both IE & Firefox to open it)
The problem is the back end side (server side).
I have tried to type (my server's ip, testing the SSL only), but it also doesn't work. The ssl is not function.
But when I install the ssl module at the server side, there is no error. I have already tried to re-install the server 3 times. And the SSL still doesn't work. (I have tried to use another PC to test it too).
Now, I am going to install ISPConfig without SSL and see whether the ISPConfig will work or not!

I am using AMD 64 bit ISO on my Intel Core2 Duo 6300 server. Can I install AMD 64bit ISO on Intel sever? (But I can't find an ISO for Intel 64bits CPU on Ubuntu website).

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