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Me thinks so too :-)

Having a bigger issue now, I succeeded to setup MX records for one domain fiddling around with the priority:

  MX      10
  MX      20
  MX      30
  MX      50
  MX      60
  MX      70
  MX      80
So I figured, sweet :-)
Now let's try this for another domain...

Domein number 2, deleted the MX record that was present there ...
Going to recycled bin to delete the record, oh, it ain't there...
Oh well, let's just recreate that record with a priority of 90 (as a backup mx)
and add the google records with lower priorities... didn't work ...
It stated that my record allready existed... even tough i just deleted it and it didn't show up in the recycled bin.

So like you stated Till, could be the check that is being too strict...

Problem now is tough i have a domain that doesn't have any MX Records
Very irritating if this is a company domain name
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