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Default Database Backup and Restore


In future releases is it possible to add:
1.) Restore DB function on the Tools menu
2.) Have a custom number of DB backups stored on the local server for use for restore.
3.) Backup Scheduler

1.) If you need to revert back to yesterdays or earlier DB backup for any reason, the server will have a list of available backed up DB's that you can select and do a instant restore on. You can create a shedule for backups to take place weekly, daily or montly or any of the combination. At the moment I have to do manual backups and well, it's annoying. I could do mysql dumps, but then I'd rather let ISPC handle the DB backups.

The restore will also come in handly if you want to reinstall your server. You chuck on a plain install of ISPC and then you can login and use the restore function to restore one of your backups, and you're up and running.

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