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O.K... slow now
for quotas - I have found explanation (rtfm all the way to the appendix. including appendix! )
but now, allow me to ask few questions (you AlArenal, or anyone else)...
1 - under ISP Server cp (control panel), what is meant by "Host" (in de) or "Hostname" (in en)?
2 - how can I manage "Domain" entered in that same ISP Server cp?
3 - in ISP Anbieter / ISP Reseller cp, what is for "Internet" field (in de) or "Web address" (in en)? same goes for ISP Kunde / ISP Client cp.
4 - naming resellers/clients and "their users" this moment it is tough for me even to form this question... If I understood manual correctly, I don't have to create reseller to be able to create client(s) who will "hold" a site. If I create client with name "adam", is it wise to create site titled "adam" in next step (following tab!) with title "adam", admin-user with username "adam"...? will there be too many adams? should I add some "eva" somewhere sometime?
5 - tnx in advance
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