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Oh yes, I did read the manual. as pdf. and printed it out. read as book before sleep and as news for breakfast. and highlighted some parts. and I must be really stupid. or I used to manage site in some other order...

Originally Posted by AlArenal
You can mark one email account per web as "administrator" who can login via ftp to the web's home dir.
So, I have first to create site for some customer, than, for that site, I can create the owner? (that's sound like reverse engineering to me and that might be a problem...)

Originally Posted by AlArenal
The other accounts only have access to their own homedirs which are located in the web's users subdir.
I don't get that... homedirectories for e-mail accounts under user (client or site?) directory?
Don't get me wrong - I'm sure that ISPC will work for me, I just have to meet it's logic-path. I mean - if we already have assigned some quota for some client, and than for his site, why are we allowed to modify that amount later in user&email control panel? or is that some other quota? why should user of some site had some disk quota? web space limit? I understood mail-account quota, but web... no, I just don't get it.

and, btw - I can't find phpMyAdmin's link. It is installed, but (yet) I couldn't find it's link or load it via uri.

or... to go simple - can I, as admin, create 3 sites (domain.tld, myhome.web, assign to each one admin account (user&email+admin checkbox) and latter, if I wish to, add some e-mail account...? I haven't find the way to do that.
Customer independent Site Management: In the folder "Sites" you can find customer independent sites. This assignment is done in the form header of the respective site in the field "Folder". The customer independent management of sites allows sites to be ordered by criteria such as the size of a site.
...but all I have is "Customer: option value=No client available."

tnx for any help!
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