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Default few basic ISPC newbie questions

Hi to all of you, I have few basic post-installation questions:
I'm struggling with user creation - I just can't follow the logic and terminology of ISPC... I think I have few users more than I should have. Please allow me to describe my situation:
I have started one community several years ago. At begging as a small site which I managed by hand, than I wrote basic CMS. Community have grown up, so I switched to provider with cPanel... later to virtual host with DirectAdmin and I developed larger CMS. Now I need a lot of space, and my community don't have enough funds for managed server, and I need to host only three domains... And I'm not the best in linux, I have to admit.
In my ("gui")brain I'm thinking that I have to create user as first step, than assign him domain and ftp privileges, and than I can, as a new user with domain, create e-mail accounts, ftp accounts... he will be "placed" in /home/user with his own directories.
It is just O.K if my new user will be in /srv/www/"web#"..? Is my user "web#"?
So, I have created Reseller and entered Web address http://some.web/ ... nothing happened. Than I had to create client for that reseller to be able to create site with domain some.web ...and than I can't login to ftp with user of some.web... ouch.
Something is wrong. And yes - I'm confused as this letter is confusing. sorry.
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