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Originally Posted by falko
Did you do a chmod on some of these files where it says Permission denied?
Nope, not on those files. But here is the persmission of one of the files in question:
-rw-------   1 www-data www-data   51962 Mar  8 17:20 Mother.jpg
As what user does ISPconfig backup run? Should it not run as root to overcome permission errors?

Those files were uploaded through the phpgedcom genealogy framework. So the website has set those permissions itself.

A auto-backup feature for ISPconfig to backup all the sites as a admin function to a remote ftp server would be pretty cool. Say you can schedule it once a week or something to do a backup.
I learned the hard way about backups. You only take it seriously once you lost critical customer information and you lose business because you forgot to do backups.
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