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Default AWStats Installation

I Should think that the statistik option is enabled cause i am to get my stats from webalizer and my problem is that i have gone through the steps that are given in the ISPConfig website and my question is after this what do i have to do

Beta 1 is just a repackage of Alpha 8, because there where no known Bugs for a long time
If you are still interested go on and test the installer ISPConfig_awstats_pkg_beta-1.tar.gz. Follow theses Steps:

Become root

su -
Change directory

cd /usr/src
Download the archive

Extract the archive

tar -xvzf ISPConfig_awstats_pkg_beta-1.tar.gz
Change directory

cd ISPConfig_awstats_pkg

This step is optional, it will generate the statistics. But you could also wait until the cron is executed (4:00 am)

/root/ispconfig/php/php /root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/awstats.php
That's it.

after this what do i have to do to enable AWStats to get stats for my websites and how would i go by reviewing these stats

Hope my response helps solve my problem thanks again

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