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Originally Posted by m u r
It worked! Well, sort of. I can log in now, but there is no inbox or anything. the only folders are "user & email," "autoresponder," and "language."
This is the controlpanel login for mailusers to change their passwords, set autoresponders etc.
What you are looking for is a webmail program. Install e.g. the uebimiau package for ISPConfig.

Originally Posted by m u r
How do I check my email?
Normally you check your mail with an email client like Thunderbird, Kmail, Outlook, Outlook express,.... When you are not at home, e.g. in an internet cafe, you can use a wemail program like uebimiau.

Originally Posted by m u r
Also, when I set this up in a mail client, what do I use as the username and the popserver? I really appreciate the help. sorry for all the questions.
The username is in the form: webX_yourname
The popserver is the domain or IP of your server or in most cases the domain for which you setup the email address.
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