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Originally Posted by victagious
I am new to Linux FC4 and Oracle DB 10g. I am installing Oracle DB 10g on my already installed Fedora Core 4 (Everything).

I am trying to complete the pre-installation steps for Oracle DB. I need help with the issue of installing lower versioned FC4 packages when higher versioned packages are already installed. I ran the command:

# rpm -q compat-gcc-7.3
Output: package compat-gcc-7.3 is not installed.

# rpm -q compat-gcc
Output: compat-gcc-

What I understand is the following:
I have the compat-gcc package but it is the version.

But I need the 7.3 version for the correct installation of the Oracle DB 10g.

When I try to install the compat-gcc version from the '' site, I get the message that, "a newer version is installed". So, the OS doesnt accept the 7.3 version.

How do I install the compat-gcc-7.3 versioned package?

Do I need to uninstall the whole thing and reinstall the whole thing? That
sounds easier and faster rather than wasting time with this workaround.

thanx in advance,

You will have to uninstall compat-gcc- before you can install the 7.x version.
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