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And me again.

I didn't test new users before I made my last post. New users are chrooted properly in the /etc/passwd file, but no files are moved into their home directories. Therefore, they get the same no /bin/bash error.

I do have the chroot setting in the file set to 1.

Seriously, this seems to be a pretty hot issue but there doesn't seem to be any resolution on it. Many people have followed the tutorial, but it doesn't seem as if anyone actually has chrooted users running. I hate to say it, but if I can't get chrooted users, I'm going to have to leave ISPConfig. I can't have users running all over each other's home directories. I know this isn't an ISPConfig issue specifically, but let's face it - chrooted users is a requirement in a shared hosting environment.

Can someone (Till? Falko? Anyone?) definitely tell us how to do this or how to troubleshoot it?

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