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Default ISPconfig, blocked ports (pop/smtp), Authentication/SSL

My ISP is probably blocking ports 110 and 25 same as lots of other ones. I forwarded from different outside ports and pop/smtp works fine locally, same as from outside with a little problem.

The server can send/recieve emails to/from it's services (using DynDNS). It can also send emails via other mail servers, but cannot recieve emails from other servers from the outside. Example:

The Server can send an email using it's accounts, to an email account existing on the server (lan/internet). The Server can also recieve an email from an account existing on the server (lan/internet). The Server can send an email to a hotmail account or any other mailbox out there. But an email sent from a hotmail account cannot be recieved by my server, same as from other mail servers from outside.

Probably cause I got no rule on router except [ Inside port 25 > Outside port 8025 ] ? Or do you think it is something different that I did wrong here ? Do you think I can do some sort of a different trick to let the server work perfect with pop/smtp ? Maybe change the config files of ISPconfig ?

netstat -tap shows that all ports that should be listening are in LISTEN state but checking the tool, I get "Connection timed out" on all ports that I haven't forwarded to use a different port to the Outside. this makes me believe that they are blocked by the isp or is it something else I could check ? scanner shows the forwarded ports in state "Open" and the non forwarded in state "Stealthed".

Finally, SSL for pop/smtp should be working right ? Haven't tested this fully yet. Also, should the server ask for "Authentication" (incoming/outgoing) ?

any kind of help will be appreciated
thanks very much
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