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Originally Posted by martinfst
The ISPC server is listening oke.Are you sure your router forwards port 81 to you server (behind the NAT)? It should be
but I assume this is a typo in the posting on the forum.
Yes, that was a typo. Sorry.

Originally Posted by martinfst
What should work is
There's no need to obfuscate 192.168 addresses, as these addresses are not reachable from the Internet anyway. The image you attached when you go directly to the machine IP is the regular webserver for your websites and is complete independent from the ISPConfig webserver.
I tried the direct IP address also. My old machine served up the "shared IP" page when I typed in the direct IP address and properly sends me to ISPConfig's admin area when I typed This machine doesn't. They are not sending me to the same directory.

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