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I dont think its firewall as I'm on the local network behind the router,
I also have maped to the server through my own host file to by pass any dns.
Also Cuteftp does connect to the ftp server as I get the connection message, the problem is that it wont accept any user logging in

ftp access is enabled for the user (i presume this is working as i can use the ispconfig interface through the browser)

The reason I would like ftp to work through a client is that I have not found a way to transfer multiply files with the web browser method,
I did find a work around by installing MC and using the shell connect (f9) to access the old server to transfer the web pages across but I dont want to give users shell access.

just another thing maybe a wee bit off topic but where is phpmyadmin located/installed by default, I cant find it and installed the standard one in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/phpMYAdmin
but again there is the problem of getting it intregrated into the admin facilities of ispconfig or setting up individual users manuall to be able to manage their dbases. - sorry if its a bit longwinded its the first time I do server like this normally used distros like clarkconnect.

(edit) firewall off on machine

I get this in logs :-
Unknown Entries:
session opened for user web1_nsworld by (uid=0): 16 Time(s)
session opened for user web1_kelljes by (uid=0): 5 Time(s)
authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty= ruser= rhost=
user=web1_nsworld: 2 Time(s) if it sheds any light !

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