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Default what about open_basedir?

I don't remember if I installed the previous version of ISPConfig using expert mode, but when I put within /home/www/ a folder with TYPO3 to share it with several sites I was forced to add some code in apache configuration (via web, ISPConfig admin panel) to grant the access to the folder.

Now using /var/www it is not the same and the access is free.

I suppose this happens because /var/www however is browsable and I think this is not good.

Then I ask you, thanking for your patience, how can I move my sites from /var/www to /home/www.

First I think to modify some lines in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

changing the directory from /var/www to /home/www

but I don't know where ISPConfig is configured: maybe the only parameter I saw is stored in the table

isp_server, field: server_path_httpd_root (now is set to: /var/www)

If I change apache2.conf and modify the field and restart ISPConfig it is all OK?!?

Finally could be nice add an option within the admin control panel to set this...

thank you very much...

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