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Default Unable to browse to ispconfig admin

Hi, I'm very new to Linux and web server administration so apologies if this is a simple fault.

I'm trying to set up an internal web server on our University network. I've installed OpenSuse 10.2 according to the 'Perfect Setup' tutorial and I've installed ISPConfig. Everything seems to have gone well with the exception that when I try to browse to the server to enter the ispconfig interface I just get page not found or timed out (depending on whether I have proxy on or off)

I have chosen the ssl option during set up so I'm trying to access the given address (sorry networks won't give me an external address)

The networks team have suggested that it is a firewall issue but when I check this out via yast it says firewall is disabled so I'm assuming it is an ispconfig firewall setting, but how do I fix this if I can't get to the admin interface?

A hundred thanks to anyone who can help.
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