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Default Support Tickets - Email End User

Hey again guys!

I had a user enter a support request the other day, and was pretty surprised why a week later they hadn't followed my advice. Turns out, they hadn't realised that I'd replied to their support request because although it sent me an email telling me that someone had requested support, they were not emailed when I updated the request. Its one of those funny things I didn't notice for myself because I've never entered a support request! I have since tested and found that no email was sent when i updated my own support tickets.

Have I just missed something in my configuration, or does ISPConfig just not email the user concerned when their support requests are updated? Perhaps the user has to do something to let ISPConfig know their email address? I do always enter one in the email field when i create a new client. I've tried looking through the manual, but have found no info there.
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