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Default ISPConfig Best Practices - Your thoughts.

Hello all,

Im looking for you thoughts about single vs. multiple machines with ISPconfig.

I have a small "hosting" company. Right now I resell through another company doing virtual hosting. I recenlty purchased some new(used) equipment with the intent of hosting my own sites.

Here is what i have.

1 HP DL360 dual 1.3 with 2GB of RAM 36GB HD
(intended for mail hosting)
1 HP DL360 dual 1.3 with 2GB of RAM 36GB HD
(intended for web/db hosting)
2 Compaq deskPro EN workstations (PIII 900/ 512MB Ram/ 30GB HD)
(primary and secondary DNS)

I installed Fedora Core 6 (easy and polished im told) on all 4.

Now, I had them all setup and working except for the virtual mail hosting, using various tools and config utilities (im pretty new to linux)...So i started looking at control panels because my customers are used to CPanel. Thats how I found ISPConfig.

Normally this would be too complicated for me, but Falko's Setup Guide was there waiting for me.

Ok so i go throught the setup and get ISP installed and mostly working (still working out some mail server bugs) and it seams to work great and certainly looks great, although it lacks some features of CPanel it's much better than no control at all... comes the question...

ALL my serving task are now on one box, and as noted above, my "server machines" are exactly top of the line...

Is this a normal Business enviroment to have all tasks on one server? And am i just in the dark here (being used to Win2K/2k3) and having multiple machines dedicated to certain tasks?

I would like to know your thoughts...

Thanks for reading this far,

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