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Originally Posted by falko
What do you mean with "how to use it"? What's the problem?
well... here is where I show my newbyness... I don't think there is a problem... except operator error, being really new to all this and learning

Postfix is an alternate e-mail server program to Sendmail, correct?
How do I use it? By setting up a program such as Mozilla or FireFox mail? I did read somewhere about sending mail via a console but I am not ready for that yet.

I have placed 2 MX records in each server, one at priority 10 and the other at priority 20. I have them tagged out for now. Maybe I should be asking for documentation on how to configure an e-mail program to use my mail server?

Same with Proftpd. Once I get the server squared away and actually open to the internet is it as easy as someone typing in And they can download or upload files?
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