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Wheter or not it's an email client, it's serverbased. So you should have total control over the application/interface and how it shows to the client. Because you have control, there has to be a solution for this problem without the interaction of a user.

In vpostmaster, they use this as the domainname:
trim(implode('', file('/etc/'.(file.exists('/etc/mailname')?'mail':'host').'name')))

I can't make a thing of it, except that it somehow breaks the name into a logical email address. I didn't find a file /etc/mailname either, so I still don't have a clue???

I found a plugin though, through squirrelmail and I will have a look at it. It uses the url of the website and cuts the domainname and uses that in combination with the username for the e-mail address (or something like that). If you have a valid SSL certificate this doesn't work for you, because you have to have an SSL certificate for EVERY domain.

Another plugin excists where a new user is directed to his personal information, right after his first login.

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