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Originally Posted by joostvdl

I upgraded today to ISPConfig 2.2.10 on a Ubuntu 6.10 (64 bit) and it failed

I got the following error:

An extra problem is: The backup file is gone (the complete install_ispconfig directory is empty). Also the /root/ispconfig directory is gone.

So I can't recover to the previous version.....

Same problem here. Need help. I will not panic and will wait for your solution:

./setup2: line 860: ispconfig_tmp/php/bin/php: No such file or directory
ERROR: The PHP binary coming with ISPConfig does not work properly on your system! The installation routine stops here!

root@jfo:/# apt-cache search libmysqlclient
libmysqlclient10 - LGPL-licensed client library for MySQL databases
libmysqlclient10-dev - LGPL-licensed client development files for MySQL databases
libmysqlclient12 - mysql database client library
libmysqlclient12-dev - mysql database development files
libmysqlclient14 - mysql database client library
libmysqlclient14-dev - mysql database development files
libmysqlclient15-dev - mysql database development files
libmysqlclient15off - mysql database client library

PS: Upgrade from 8 to 9 went smoothly... nothing was touched in mysql and now this happened.
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