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Default Forwarded spam mail not discared by antispam filter

So i setup up 2 domains on the server, one is the old domain from the company i used to work for and they liquidated, but i still receive some useful mail, unfortunately i get quite a torrent of spam. I forward the mail from my old work account to my new personal domain which i'm using as my primary account now. The spam filter does an upstanding job at marking spam with ***SPAM**** in the subject line, but when i set it to discard spam in the antispam rules, the mail still comes over for the forwarded domain., is this normal behaviour?

So to recap, the mail from a forwarded account (on a seperate domin on the same local machine) is not being discarded despite the antispam setting. Both the forwarding account and the account being forwarded to have discard set on the antispam rules, i have the spam hit set down to 4 points for spamassasin to make sure spam is getting caught, and mail is being marked with ***SPAM***

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