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Default Ok, ISPconfig 2.3.1 installed, Remoting installed..scripts uploaded, BUT "Script End"

Hi Till,

Thanks for your reply!

Short Repy:

When I try to load my "test.php" script offsite I get "Script end" error!

Long Reply:

1. I upgraded my ISPconfig on "server 1" to the dev distribution: 2.3.1.
2. I installed "remoting" with the update manager as instructed in the link you gave above, since "remoting" requires this dev distribution to run.
3. I programmed a user "test" with password 123456; note this is NOT similar to my ISPConfig Login details.

4. I then uploaded the remote test scripts and SOAP lib to my "server 2" on an unrelated site,

5. Along the way, I had to install Curl on "server 2", so I did this making sure to include Open SSL functionality.

6. PHP info on remote "server 2" indicates PHP 4.4.5 has been installed successfully WITH Curl and Open SSL.

7. I also installed IONcube as required by the "test.php" script, and rebooted apache on "server 2".

8. I altered the test.php script variables to contain my server url: https://66.666.666.66:81 (making sure to add the :81 port).

9. I added user "test" and password "123456" in the remoting "test.php" page and saved to the website.

Initial Errors:

1. IONcube loader 4.4 NOT installed

FIXED with Installation of IONcube loader(s) 4.4 and other as well.

2. Curl Error 7 could not connect to https://66.666.666.66

FIXED with https://66.666.666.66:81


3. "Script End" !!! What does this mean?

Note: ISPConfig Server 1 running ISPConfig 2.3.1, php 5.1.6 with Ioncube all IONcube loaders added to /usr/local/ioncube, CURL and SSL functionality enabled according to phpinfo().

Note: Server 2 running PHP 4.4.5, IONcube installed successfully since test page was decoded and CURL installed since CURL was able to report errors previous to the "Script End" error.....
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