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...maybe, maybe not, but I finally got it started!

I took another look in "top" right after reboot, because phpSysInfo told me that memory is used by 97%...although the kernel does this after a while, I was thinking that this is the point with only 256MB at all???

However, I stopped postgrey, because this was beside mysqld the main memory-user and restartet ./setup again...after 2min. waiting on the same "...wird vorbereitet"-screen it went on.

My System has 2 domains running with a compaq 700MHZ PIII, 10GB, there anything I could increase performance or is this system fine like it is?

Actually, gzip takes at the beginning of the setup (changing a couple times in "top") nearly 90% cpu....

....a small question on the end: is it a security risk to leave the files include_path in php.ini for phpSysInfo on "." or should I comment that out again?
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