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Originally Posted by ptiggerdine
My RFE is for templates in the domain side of things. Alot of the time we add domain with exactly the same information as the last domain (minus 1 or 2 changes). This would allow replication of the same information (e.g. NS1, NS2 MX A SPF ) much quicker and make it much easier for the resellers.
I know what you mean. Best you can do is alter the master conf file which is used as a template when sites are changed or added.


But these would be global and not per hosting plan which would've been good.

There alot more that ISPC could do but without making it more complex and alot of changes to existing code, all you can do is modify what you got.

I've been playing around with inserting Includes() in parts of ISPC to call my own routines which makes plugging functions in easier... catch is new updates I have to reenter it in. *sigh*
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